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Google Chrome has announced deprecation plans for the Microsoft Silverlight plug in. Users with the most current version of Chrome will likely see a warning indicating Silverlight is not installed.

Please use another browser for accessing internal staff websites.

Latitude Geographics, the company that develops our web-mapping software, is actively developing their HTML5 viewer (as used in our public applications) to replace much of the functionality available in the Silverlight applications.

The ANSI mapping which the County of Grey utilizes has been approved in our County Official Plan (OP), and is derived from Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) data. Once approved in the County OP this mapping cannot be altered, except via amendment to the OP, which can only occur via the public process legislated under the Planning Act. It should be noted that such an amendment to the OP could be publicly or privately initiated, or could occur at the time of an OP Five Year Review. That being said, MNR can update their ANSI mapping at any time based on new data sets, or new available science. While the County strives to keep our mapping ‘up-to-date’ we cannot always guarantee that it will match most recent data from the MNR, based on the rigours, timing and expense of completing an Official Plan Amendment (i.e. until the OP Amendment has been completed we cannot change the mapping on the County GIS site, as it is reflective of our OP). However, it must also be considered that even if the County OP ANSI mapping falls ‘out-of-date’ with the most recent MNR data set, the County, a municipality, or an agency like the NEC, could still choose to rely upon the technical advice of the MNR (which may reference a newer available data set).

In an effort to try to better inform the public of the ANSI boundaries, and the changes which may have occurred to said boundaries, the County GIS site used to show two separate ANSI mapping layers;

  1. 'ANSIs' – which represented the ANSI mapping which was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board for the County Official Plan in the year 2000, and
  2. 'Proposed ANSIs' – which was a more recent data set provided by the MNR, showing an updated version of the ANSI’s (however we cannot guarantee that this is the most up-to-date data set).

Through the County’s Five Year Review Official Plan Amendment # 80 the County has updated our ANSI mapping to reflect the most recent available data at the time OPA 80 was adopted. Although OPA 80 is currently under appeal nobody has specifically referenced the updated ANSI mapping in their appeal of the OPA. As a result, the County’s on-line GIS mapping site should now be reflective of an updated version of the ANSI’s (however we cannot guarantee that this is the most up-to-date data set). This problem which you have cited below could again occur in the future, based on changes in the MNR mapping and time-lag before the County’s approved OP mapping is updated.

For the above-noted and other reasons, users of the County GIS site are always presented with the following disclaimer when entering the site:

COUNTY OF GREY DISCLAIMER: This map is for illustrative purposes only. Do not rely on this map as being a precise indicator of routes, location of features or surveying purposes. This map may contain cartographical errors or omissions… By clicking the “I agree” button below you agree to abide by all policies, procedures and guidelines for use of this web site. All rights reserved.

For the most accurate ANSI boundaries it is always best to contact MNR staff directly or Land Information Ontario.